Website Services

At LittleScratch we understand every business is different. We also believe to keep things simple. So, creating a website that shows off your business but is simple is actually a very difficult thing to do. We know we can do it though.

Whether it is a company brochure style website, e-commerce huge or small, company intranet or a social website, we can do it.

Not only can we make it look great, simple to use, we can also host it, suggest hosting, build it, and optimise and increase page rankings.

There are a lot of make your own websites services out there that are definitely worth looking at, but they do not suit everyone, are more costly over a course of time and can look like everyone else’s on there who are using their service…… So, if that’s the case ask us and we can provide a quick idea or plan or build something up for you to look at before we start or do business with one another.

Price wise we are competitive and honest with you. The more services you attach to a website the price goes up, as more man hours will be used. Simple…. So, if you want a brochure website which is a website that just has information about your company then it will obviously cost less than a e-commerce site with 1000s of products….

Give us a call and see what we can do for you.