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Every company is different.  We have worked within many business sectors, all varied sizes and all have been unique.  Let us work with yours and help you move forward.

Our Services

Data Center Migrations

Whether it is consolidating your data center or moving to the cloud, we can help you.  There isn’t a one size fits all approach and we understand you might not need our expertise end to end. So we offer a range of services.

Project Design and Delivery

At LittleScratch our subject matter experts (SMEs) have had over 10 years’ experience in IT project delivery.  From delivering small to large projects, government related systems to company’s mobility working programs and PCI compliance projects.

Cloud Migration

We use the recommended framework of Assess, Migrate, Optimize, and Monitor as a path for migration. We will show you a very high-level version of what each stage involves.

Website Services

Whether it is a company brochure style website, e-commerce huge or small, company intranet or a social website, we can do it. We can also host it, suggest hosting, build it, and optimise and increase page rankings. 

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We are always keen on helping your business move with the times.  Utalise the technology out there that can not only help your business grow but also to save you money.

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